Hi. My name is Hombakazi Denge and I’m studying  journalism and media studies at Rhodes university . I’m doing my final year ,specialising in Digital Media.

  I’m interested  in health  and healthy life style. Also, I’m  interested in the meaning of the word it-self. I’m interested on how to stay healthy, what is healthy, what contributes to our health, who is  said to be healthy, who is in charge of our health. I’m interested in how and where one can acces  healthy life; what are tools, sources and devices out there available for health.

I hope we all realise that ICT has started to be involved in almost every aspect of life. Therefore , I’m also interested in how health and  ICT  convene, develop or compatible or not compatible.

 My first post is coming next. I hope we enjoy  this blog together and please  feel free to like, leave a comment or ask questions.


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