Yes. Pieces about Marine Conservation CAN Be Interesting!

So, Scifest 2015 happened in Grahamstown, South Africa and as Television students we were assigned the story on Estuary Tours.

We spoke to Professor Alan Whitfield, the Chief Scientist at the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity, an internationally recognised centre for the study of aquatic biodiversity. He hosted a tour to the estuaries between the Great Fish and Kowie Rivers.

The tour was aimed at educating individuals on the importance of estuaries, particularly the one in which fresh water means the sea. Professor Whitfield speaks about the pipe fish; an endangered species which can occupies only four estuaries in the Eastern Cape. He also touches on the significance of estuaries as ecosystems.

As Head Scientist an institution which serves as a major scientific resource for knowledge and understanding the biodiversity and functioning of globally significant aquatic ecosystems, Professor Whitfield hoped that the educational tour would inspire scholars to consider a career path in the Biological Sciences.

You won’t be bored, I promise.


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