Ciara’s new album

Ciara’s new released album


Ciara’s fifth studio album opens up with a strong hip hop single ‘I’m out’ featuring Nicki Minaj. The ‘Oh yeah yeah yeah’ catchy line in this song made it popular as it is easy to sing along. Ciara says this line made such a vibe in studio during the time she was recording and it became a salutation and as a way to show gratitude among the team members. As usual, Ciara is full of doubts and regrets, though maybe a little less so than before. On the catchy lead single, “I’m out” she celebrates her success in managing to pull out of her first recording company. In this album Ciara worked with a lot of talented producers, artists and song writers which shows how much she has grown and how much she wanted this album to be a success.

Ciara got people by surprise when she recorded a pop song in her album titled ‘overdose’. Knowing her as an RnB and hip hop singer, no one has ever thought of her recording a pop song. In this song Ciara says, “I took your love, I think I took too much, Some-body call the doctor”. This describes her how has she grown up in her life and found some-one who loves her more than enough. Songs like ‘body parts’, ‘DUI’ also gives the same impression of her being in love. This particular album is that kind of album that one enjoys from the first song to the last song. Unlike the past Ciara and her production team has managed to compose and put together songs that can be said to be hit songs.

During an interview on a TV show Ciara says that, the album is self-titled because she felt that her fans are about to take a new journey with her. This shows how Ciara have grown and changed in terms of her music from her last studio album (basic instinct) released on the 6th of December 2010 to the latest album (ciara) of which it has been described as one of her deeply personal album. ‘Basic instinct’ was one of the best RnB albums of the year in 2010. The cover of the album (Ciara) also portrays a reflection of her image, which means that it’s her as Ciara and the album as ‘ciara’. The album was released on the 3rd of august 2013.


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