Bastille’s green tour 2014

By Anastasia Pitsiladis|


Image: sourced

British indie rock band, Bastille (stylized as BΔSTILLE) will be landing in South Africa to perform three sold out shows in the middle of January 2014. Not only will they be promoting their debut album titled, Bad Blood but they are also promoting a greener future by performing only in natural locations in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

In 2010, a singer named Dan Smith joined forces with four men to form the band Bastille. They created their debut album in that same year, releasing tracks titled “Flaws” and “Icarus” but unfortunately for the band, they only became universally recognized in February of 2013 when their single “Pompeii” was released and sent shock waves all around the world.

From their catchy tunes to the hauntingly beautiful lyrics, Bastille is guaranteed to melt the hearts of anyone who listens to them. The track list contains such a diverse grouping of songs, from “Pompeii” and “Things We Lost In The Fire” which are full of energy and make you want to dance around your room to songs such as “Daniel in The Den” and “Oblivion” which make you sway from side to side with your lighter up in the air.

Bad Blood is an incredible compilation of stories about heartbreak and of renewal. What I love about this album is that so much of the band’s character can be seen through their music. Their goal is to make music that matters, music that will inspire and bring hope, they do not simply release songs which have no relevance. However, they do know how to have fun. I would suggest listening to their cover of Miley Cyrus’, “We Can’t Stop” as I am sure you can appreciate their light-hearted loveliness in their cover.



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