A monkey with a wrench

Linkin Park has found a monkey and given it a wrench then recorded it as it senselessly bangs the tool on the ground , covered it up with electronic effects and claimed that the band is actually innovating. But what they really are doing is trying to mess with their loyal fans who are still waiting for a new album that will resonate with them since Minutes to midnight.

The Living Things is by no means a bad album, actually it isn’t half bad, the songs are well composed and have good lyrical qualities. There are even songs that remind the listener of early albums such as  “Victimised”  but when the song comes in at a truly tragic 1:46s it leaves the listener with  a bitter sensation when the next song in the album begins to play that has no resonance with the listener.

The cover of Linkin Parks latest album Living Things

Worse off the band has stooped  as low as releasing an album that  does not entirely contain original  content but is  rather a re- release of a song from their  previous album A Thousand suns.  The song being  “CASTLE OF  GLASS” which in itself was one of  the more successful songs on the  previous album. Why the band  felt it was necessary to  re-  release this content boggles the  mind. Perhaps it was to fill up the  album content wise so that it  reached the twelve songs per  album standard.

The fact of the matter is that the  album does not resonate with  some of the older fans of Linkin  Park ( myself being one of them) because it does not stay true to its original source content. I am talking about the music that people know from Hybrid Theory. I am all for the band experimenting, Coldplay does it brilliantly in the way that allows them to experiment yet still stay true to themselves and their fans. Whereas Linkin Park does not seem to be concerned about this and is rather releasing new songs as fast as possible like its on a  factory conveyor belt.

Maybe it is just me being bitter about me not liking their new content because it does not sound like the “Linkin Park I remember”. Perhaps I should  accept that the band has changed and that the “Linkin Park I remember” no longer exists as like everything the band has changed.  As for Living things the album is just above average; a disappointment coming from a once great band.

By Aleksandre da Silva

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