Two Door Cinema Club

ImageThis enchanting Northern Irish band comprising of Alex Trimble, Sam Halliday and Kevin Baird has added a fresh dimension to my everyday playlist.  The name alone, which is based on Halliday’s mispronunciation of a local theatre called Tudor, is testament to the band’s salubriously creative music.

Two Door Cinema Club is a bona fide Indie Rock but fans of Techno, Pop and Blues should technically relate to their music.

The band’s music has been released on LP (long play) records and discs and is also available for disc download but they reckon “Live is what we do most and probably what we do best”. Their début album Tourist Holiday was released on the 26 February 2013 and their second studio album ‘Beacon’ was released on the 19 July 2012.

Song’s like ‘Sun’ and ‘Sleep Alone’ could easily have been the soundtracks to Bella and Edward’s honeymoon in the movie Breaking Dawn, and others like ‘Something Good Can Work’ you have probably heard on 5fm because of the upbeat catchy tune. I’m feasting on Undercover Martyn myself , he push and pull nature of the rhythm and cadence are quite intoxicating.

With more than a million likes on their Facebook fan page, it’s clear to see that these guys don’t only cater for their home audience, but are well received globally as well despite them falling short of topping music charts outside of The Republic of Ireland.

Personally I can not fathom why these masters of rhythm are not raking in the trophies and accolades because their albums ‘Tourist holiday’ and ‘Beacon’ are seething of serene vocals and superior melodies. Their music videos are the most eclectic things yet; curry powder on mid Toms and heads on platters; but that’s most assuredly second to their music.

I wish I could give you the release date of their next album, but these guys specialise in cryptic talk when it comes to their releases. If you listen to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Them Crooked Vultures and Twenty One Pilots…then you’re one sandwich away from a picnic of bands with weird names.


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