The Many Faces of Love

The Many Faces of Love

Kimbra is one of the freshest breaths into the Pop genre in recent years. She offers a unique style and sound that come together like perfection through her album “Vows”. She’s had three songs ranked in Triple J’s Hottest 100 (the world’s largest music poll), and beat Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” at the 2011 Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition to come first place. Oh and did I mention that it was Kimbra who lent her vocals to Gotye’s massive hit? That was the world’s first mass experience of Kimbra and it would seem that things have only been getting better from there.

New Zealand born Kimbra’s musical career started at 10 when she began writing songs, then at 12 she started guitar lessons, and a few years later she was on stage performing. Following this were a number of performances and awards. Kimbra’s career began in earnest when Mark Richardson of OutPost Management discovered her at the age of 17, and from there she has been making her presence felt.

Kimbra’s debut album “Vows” is a cohesive work that flows beautifully. Her voice cuts clear and strong across the intricate backgrounds that swell and complement each other. There is a hypnotic power in her voice that helps you get lost in the complexities of “Vows”, each new listen is a rewarding experience, each time a small nuance will present itself, adding to the texture and story that is being woven. “Vows” was a three-and-a-half year journey and Kimbra’s growth and maturity can be seen as the album develops.

There is versatility to Kimbra’s voice and the range can be heard from the sharp Pop! in her voice in “Cameo Lover”, ranging to the deep jazzy melancholic tones of “Withdraw” and “Wandering Limbs”. These songs explore the different states and forms of Love, and the listener is taken on a similar journey: from the opening expectations of “Settle Down” to the reminiscence of “Old Flame” we are given insight into the hopes and dreams of Kimbra.

The music videos, that accompany these hits, are all unique yet fit together perfectly in the greater narrative. Each has a distinct style that has been married perfectly to the music. The best example of this is “Good Intent”, where one can immediately feel 1940’s America, the music video compliments this so well with some of the simplest yet most effective and elegant choreography.

This loose concept album is one of the rarities of our era, a master worked piece of art that deserves a place in everyone’s music collection. It is different, it is wonderful, it is celebratory and it is quietly reflective. This album offers the highs and lows of love in the best medium possible, and Kimbra has taken absolute full advantage of this. go check out her live studio sessions on youtube for a taste of a truly talented musician.

Zack Vye

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