She is wild and…NOT sorry!


By Uyanda Sondlo


We all know that Rihanna is wild, ratchet, sassy, brave, sexually frustrated and a party girl at heart… Oh and one thing you should know by now, she is also unapologetic for her wild acts.


In her latest album, “Unapologetic”, which is her seventh album, over the course of 15 tracks, she tells us to live free, to say what you want to say, live life without regrets or simply “screw” everything. In this album, she has no problem laying her cards out. She fully turns her swagger on from the first track. What is even more interesting about this album is that it is more similar to her last three albums: “Rated R”, “Loud” and “Talk that Talk”. “Unapologetic allows us to witness her ongoing sexual anatomy. It is headbanging and tracks like Pour it Up will definitely get you twerking. In terms of the lyrics, she says, exactly how she feels, she sings: “All I see is dollar signs/Money on my mind… Who cares how you haters feel/I still get my money”, Consequence of sound (2013).  She is remorseful.


Then she changes her tone in tracks such as “Half of Me”, “Diamonds”, “Stay”), here she is humble and takes us through her emotional journey and really shows us her soft and loving side. My favourite track in the album: “Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary”: “Who knew the course of this one drive injured us fatally/You took the best years of my life , I took the best years of your life… What’s love without tragedy?” Pitch fork (2013). One word: BEAUTIFUL! It is here that Rihanna really allows us into love life. She is honest and all those who have been heartbroken can really relate to the track.


It is also better to see that she has moved on and forgiven her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, we get to explore this in “Nobody’s Business” where she features Chris Brown and they express their love for each other.


Being a Rih fan or should I say Rihanna Navy, I recommend this album. I can put it on and listen to it from the first track “Phresh out the Runway” all the way to “Diamonds-Remix”. It is a great mix of Rated R, Loud and Talk that Talk. Her vocals are good and the beats are banging. So what if she is unapologetic? It is RIHANNA music, what more does anyone ask for?



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