Swift’s big jump

Gina-Lee Whiting|

In many ways Taylor Swift’s latest album “Red” is considered her first mature album labelled as her first “adult pop album”. The albums cover may be found by following this link http://www.celebritybug.net/2012/10/taylor-swift-reveals-red-album-cover.html.

Taylor Swifts “RED” album cover.

The album cover shows her transition as she is striking a pose, which may give her fans the idea that this album will not be like her previous three albums she has produced. Some of her fans may feel a sense of loss due to her transition as they felt inspiration and connected to Swift in some way as she sang about her teenage heart break years and many fans could relate to that.

The album was a huge hit and put Swift in the centre of popular artists among teenagers of this time. Her country roots are very strong is this album as this is what makes her music so appealing too most of her fans.
In comparison to her previous three albums Swift has learned how to convey her love and personal life in her music in a more mature and subtle way. In her song she sings “we are never getting back together” which has a very upbeat tune to keep the mood light considering the lyrics to the song. Swift experimented with her song, “I knew you were trouble” as even though the lyrics are typical as they are talking about a boy, it is her first song to ever contain some dubstep wobble in the chorus. The biggest hit if the album is her track “22”. This song represents a celebration of coming of age as well as a celebration of being young. Swift is 22 years old so this song could have a deeper meaning for her as an artist. Follow this link to watch the music video of Swifts hit 22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgFeZr5ptV8

Lyrics from Swifts song, “We are never ever getting back together”

The album red is a album that does represent Swifts transition but has also kept certain aspects of her music that has appealed to her fans from the beginning. She has kept her country music but has included some acoustic tracks showing her maturation as well as an experimental track consisting of dubstep which shows that even though she has matured in her music she is still a fun artist that will appeal to her younger fans. Follow this link to find the names of all her tracks from the album “RED”.


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