Wishing Further By Justine Pearce

I would never have thought that I would find such talent nestled in the inter-web. Millions of people post on and listen to songs on You-Tube every day, yet I never thought I would come across something new, someone I was not searching for. To be honest, I did not make this discovery, rather a friend did, but I have been hooked ever since.

Gabrielle Aplin

21 year old European talent Gabrielle Aplin puts into words what it seems people try to say each day. She opens up her heart writing personal pieces that depict a girl finding herself, trying to make sense of the world and telling the world how exactly it and the people in it make her feel.

Aplin first began to play guitar at the age of 11 and started off by sharing her talent through the use of covers performed on You-Tube. It was this which allowed her to grow a fan base.

Now, 10 years after her parents gifted her with that first guitar she was placed #2 in the UK album chart with the song “English rain” which, like “Keep pushing me,” speaks of the effect someone she loves or did love has had on her and the way in which they have disappointed her.

Her lyrics seem to put emotions into words that most her age cannot. It is this that must be the reason she did not just learn to fly as she explains in her song “Home,” but has reached the UK album chart many times and has the followers that she does.

Aplin’s music falls under the genres of folk, indie, country and pop.  Her songs are slow and emphasises the lyrics making one think about when in their life they felt the way she does. Rather than making one want to get up and dance and celebrate the moment they allow one to see life and celebrate it in its entirety.

She may not be seen as pop across the world and she has only toured Europe, but Aplin’s music allows fans to see a real persons raw emotions, it is this along with humans desire to understand one another as well as themselves which I hope will allow this talent to touch the world.

Listening to each song is listening to the stepping stones of a teenage girl on the journey of creating herself and life’s effects on her young tender soul.


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