Why should Miley stop?


Miley Cyrus is no longer the teen Disney star of Hannah Montana.

Hip-Hop’s new sweetheart has exploded in the music industry as a brand new artist.  Miley officially shed her innocent “Best of Both Worlds” persona as she popped out of a bear on stage at the MTV VMA’s and proceeded to pull some ungodly moves on an innocent foam finger and twerk on Robin Thicke during a mash-up of her chart-topping new single We Can’t Stop and Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”.

“This isn’t some mess. This is all thought out in my mind. Every decision goes into a bigger plan. It’s part of a movement..the movement needs to be bigger than the record. It represents taking over the world.” – Miley Cyrus

Although Miley sees this as a carefully calculated career move, it was scandalised by the media (as child star’s growing up usually is). BUT, there was more than enough hype around her just in time for her to release her new album, #BANGERZ, which has hit the world with the wrecking ball that is Miley’s new sound and talent that never dies.

#BANGERZ shows this Southern Belle as an girl artist who’s found her sexuality and is experimenting with her already existing fame and talent.  From everybody’s favourite song to sing in the shower (or secretly try twerk to), We Can’t Stop, to heartfelt pop ballads like Wrecking Ball, Drive and Adore You, #BANGERZ will not fail to make you want to party until “that shit get blurry“, but also cry because of that boy that you “never hit so hard in love” with.

#BANGERZ tracklist:

  • Adore You
  • We Can’t Stop
  • SMS (Bangerz) [ feat. Spears]
  • 4×4 (feat. Nelly)
  • My Darlin’ (feat. Future)
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Love, Money, Party (feat. Big Sean)
  • Get it Right
  • Drive
  • FU (feat. French Montana)
  • Do My Thang
  • Maybe You’re Right
  • Someone Else


Miley’s worked with big names in the music production industry like Mike Will Made-It and Pharrell Williams whose influence played a huge part in developing her ‘turnt up’ sound.

Although Miley may be criticised for her party-girl lifestyle and her choice of clothing (or lack thereof), #BANGERZ has recreated her as a new artist with a fresh new sound and one BANGER of a voice.

We say: Do your thang Miley!

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