Weird beautiful CocoRosie

Tales of a GrassWindow, album cover.

Tales of a GrassWindow, album cover.

CocoRosie released their new album Tales of a GrassWidow in May this year. It is a brave record, which mixes electronic and organic sounds to convey a futuristic back to nature feeling. This album has by far been the most successful out of all of their albums. It is also the most consistently good album. The album is paired with the release of some beautiful but weird music videos, but they are exactly what you would expect from Bianca and Sierra.

The release of the track “Gravediggers” welcomed CocoRosie back into the arms of both fans and critics. This track set the theme for the album, the tale of an imagined conversation between an abandoned child and an outcast old woman.

The track “Child Bride” and its music video is by far the most moving track on the album. The video portrays a young beautiful girl whose family marries her off to a much older man. With the song’s eerie lyrics; “beside my innocence, it is hard to tell, whose little girl am I,” the video is sickening as it hits right home with the issues of the many child brides that are forced to marry older partners all over the world today.

CocoRosie is an American musical group formed in 2003 by sisters Bianca “Coco” and Sierra “Rosie” Casady. The sisters were born and raised in the United States, but formed the band in Paris. CocoRosie began as a duo, with Sierra singing, playing the guitar, piano and harp, and Bianca singing and manipulating various children’s toys, electronic and percussion instruments, as well as other exotic noisemakers. They subsequently added various backing musicians, usually a bassist, keyboardist, and beatboxer.

The release of the music video for “After the Afterlife” was met with uncertainty, but it is only to expect that CocoRosie would push the boundaries of what is normal. The video itself is art and was filmed in Hawaii by Mike Basich who said “It was exciting to be given so much creative space when working with CocoRosie.”

They have been a very active touring group, playing across Europe, the United States, and elsewhere. They have released five full-length albums: La Maison de mon reve (2004), Noah’s Ark (2005), The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn (2007), Grey Oceans (2010) and Tales of a GrassWidow (2013).

At the heart of Tales of a GrassWidow is a very good album, CocoRosie has just got such a specific type of listener making it difficult for many to understand the music. To stay updated follow CocoRosie on Twitter: @LaRealCocoRosie


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