Tyler, the Creator ready to retire


Tyler, the Creator: where genius meets insanity.


Brendon Peel (g13p5514)

After the release of his second studio album called Wolf, Tyler, the Creator has decided that he wants to stop making music. This colourful character has decided he wants to pursue film directing over music.

The 22 year old frontman of the West Coast hip-hop collective, Odd Future, is more than keen to leave the rap game. After bursting on to the scene with reckless hooligan behaviour and outlandish vulgarity Tyler has claimed that he is ready for ‘’retirement’’. This shocking statement from the young super star has come very recently after the release of Wolf, which would appear to be his final album.

The much anticipated Wolf album is comprised of intricately well thought out beats as well as being branded with Tyler’s trademark intense voice and lyrics. He truly pulls off a feat of great ingenuity and creativity. Considering he has been working on the album for all of seven years, the success of the album comes as no surprise.

IFHY is one of the hit singles from Wolf:



Tyler, the creator: always playing the fool.

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Tyler, the Creator is most widely known for causing much controversy within the current music culture. Many who have listened to his music have referred to him as a homophobic, satanic, and perverted young scoundrel. So it comes to no surprise that he is not a platinum record selling artist.

That being said, Tyler’s fans are a lot more loyal than most other commercial artists’ fans. The young leader of Odd Future is well received with all his music among his fans. Wolf caters for a much wider variety of listeners in regard to his earlier work as it is less gruesome and violent. His work has been very well received with even some big names such as Kanye West.

With all the hype and success that Tyler has built over a short span of time, he has decided that he will put down the mic soon. He will do this to pursue his true life’s passion which is film directing. Tyler will soon be releasing a full feature-length movie also titled Wolf that will use his music as the sound-track. The date of the film release is still to be called.  It’s always difficult to see a young talent leave the rap game; however Tyler’s heart will always live through our speakers. I can say with confidence that the innovative mad-man can most definitely succeed in his latest venture.

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