Twerk for a Scholarship

Yes you read the title correctly. When my friend first made me listen to a new Juicy j song i could not believe what i was hearing with (what seemed at the time like) my God forsaken ears. The song is called Scholarship and you guessed correctly, he is telling girls to twerk and the ultimate twerker (to his amusement) will get the Grand prize a full scholarship to Varsity or the otherwise American collages.

Honestly the first time I heard this song I didn’t know how to react to it after all its a guy saying do what you can do, your “expertise”, and get a free break in life (don’t we all need that once in a while #sigh). You will probably guess the people most likely to actually start twerking are either those inappropriate queer teens soaked in American pop culture which seems to be everything but reasonable (and they don’t count, the only question there is who raised you), or its actually poor women who actually cant afford to go to collage or couldn’t manage to attain some sort of professional skill and probably stuck in a strip club. When you actually start to go that far you might want to calm down a bit with the judgemental line of thought. A desperate mom trying to get a second chance in life and can get it from something as simple as twerking, the only reasonable question there then is, WHY NOT? But is this really that chilled and relaxed? some how for the life of me I just cannot believe it is.

I have a friend doing third year politics great girl and a passionate subscribe of the imaging idea of African feminism.

 I have not broached this song past her because I can imagine what sort of conversation we will definitely be having in two seconds. The truth is, this song and other many hip hop songs which are the current pop culture are very demining to women and continue to perpetuate the old age idea of objectification of women. Its really not a new thing in the 21st century where women pose nude pictures to sell magazines (yes like playboy) for (not just) men  to be viewed as position of someone’s amusement. We can go on for a while about this one, however it must be said there is a serious problem in excepted culture of this perpetuated attitude of women objectification which still grow the patriarchal society we leave in.

 So when I do listen to juicy j scholarship I cant help but feel really guilty but I will admit its a song with a catchy hook and very nice beat but aren’t all these song #Blurred lines, there is a song which had feminists up in arms and it no wonder why

The parody for me is genius

The song (Scholarship) also features SASP Rocky who shamelessly raps “money money money while she grinding on the pole/ dollar for a sole/ and aint no body got to know/” I will not even begin to comment there after all this is nothing new to ASAP Rocky with songs like Same B*tch (because the world is so hopelessly tasteless that’s all we have to listen to).


The rest of the album is really nothing to talk about, same idiotic topics like smoking weed and making more money. If you haven’t heard Stay trippy by Jucy j (album) trust me you have not missed out no FOMO.


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