The Reincarnation of ‘Snoop’


Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg, has expressed his love for the ‘Rastafarian’ culture after a recent visit to Jamaica in 2012 and has promised to have a firm focus on a change of style of music. Inspiration for the change came from Bunny Wailer. A once famous reggae artist in Jamaica, Bunny told Snoop to give up the ‘Dogg’ and embrace the ‘Lion’ which is prominent in Rastafarian culture.


This change has not only been a case of genre from hip-hop to reggae; it has also affected the reasoning behind his music. He swears to use music as a tool for peace in an attempt to reach out to people on a global level. His newest album, ‘Reincarnated’, looks to put this idea in motion and has already gained much attention. 


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The producing on the album is done by American producing project, ‘Major Lazer’. Collaboration between the soulful reggae vibes by Snoop and the funky electro-like beats by Major Lazer are perfect and work brilliantly as the album has become ever so popular and has climbed the charts in recent weeks.


Two tracks that stand out on the album are:



The latter of the two was seen as the ‘lead’ single and was massively successful as a music video was made. This track focuses on looking at the positives of life while not undermining the negatives, yet still being able to overcome. Collaboration with Miley Cyrus really helped the reputation of the song beforehand and has enjoyed a solid rise to fame around the globe.


The track entitled “No Guns Allowed” has more of a significant as Snoop looked to touch on the dominant gun culture in America. This song speaks volumes of the Rastafarian culture as it epitomizes the peace and happiness that is sought after. Snoop mixes his emotional lyrics with the talent of Cori B., who is also his daughter. Drake has a hard hitting verse and everything is tied up with the brain behind Major Lazer, Diplo’s, percussive beats.


The main focus is on the shootings involving children that have taken place in America. The message is fairly clear as the lyrics are passionate and anti-violence, just as Snoop promised.


Overall the album is one that will be remembered for good reasons and is also a solid start to new things for the lovable reggae star. 



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