The Paper Kites soaring worldwide

By Rory DM Boon |

The Paper Kites - "States" Album Cover

The Paper Kites – “States” Album Cover

Following the success of their previous two EPs, The Paper Kites highly anticipated debut album, States, is full of harmonic, emotionally intense and lyrically rich songs. The album will transport the listener to a place of folk-inspired landscapes with raw audible beauty.

The long awaited, at least from an in love fan’s point of view, debut album has finally arrived and it couldn’t be any more exciting. After listening to their previous two EPs, Woodland and Young North, you can’t help but fall in love with the Melbourne-based band. As one of Australia’s up-and-coming bands, The Paper Kites released their debut album on August 30 in Australia and New Zealand along with embarking on their first headlining tour starting in Newcastle, Australia, before crossing oceans for their North American debut.

Seldom does a music video manage to reflect the beauty of the music, but The Paper Kites managed to compliment St Clarity with a magical music video. Visually, melodically, and lyrically, St Clarity will put you in a trance of fixation and love at first sight.

The Paper Kites group member include Sam Bentley, Christina Lacy, Dave Powys, Josh Bentley and Sam Rasmussen who all went to high school together. The exquisite combination of the beautiful  vocal and instrumental harmonies cause a tranquil mood in the listener, almost as soothing as the sound of rain gently falling outside as you fall asleep.

The Paper Kites group members

The Paper Kites group members

The five piece indie-folk quintet has amazed the world with the elegance of their music. They started off slowly when they accepted to play at a local music festival, but it was not until they recorded and released their single Bloom in 2010 that they began attracting media attention. The single and video were released online and became popular in the social media realm and sparked a noticeable and sudden increase in the attendance of their live performances.

Their sound was originally based around the folk music genre while the progression of the sound and the band’s many inspirations has pushed them into a variety of different genres. This can be seen in their new album particularly well. Their sound has somewhat changed in their new album which is something to get used to but The Paper Kites never seem to disappoint. States contains something that is similar to their old sound, in Gates, while also exploring a new sound, in the somewhat rock-heavy A Lesson From Mr Gray.


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