The Legendary Legend dazzles his fans with LOVE

The legendary RnB and soul singer, songwriter and pianist John Legend, once again, proves that he never disappoints- he delivers a love message to long lost souls using his golden crinkling voice which compels them to re-unite and fall in love again.

legedary legend

The Springfield, Ohio, native, dazzles his fans with his sexy and classy voice in his latest album Love in the future, released on the 30th of August 2013.

The album, executive produced by Legend, Kanye West and Dave Tozer, features guest appearances from Kimbra, Rick Ross, Stacy Barthe and Seal

In his new solo , Legend refreshes the ‘soul music’ genre in his explorations of the pleasures, pains and transformations of a long-term relationship.

Made to Love,one of my favourites on the album is certainly the most progressive song on the album and the most progressive single that John has ever released, musically and Who Do We Think We Are is more classic soul and the combinations of Rick’s voice works perfectly as an instrument on that song.

It has been a while since Legend has been in the picture; his last solo studio album was 2008’s Evolver, featuring the hit single “Green Light.” In the five years since then, Legend — who has won nine Grammy Awards — partnered with the Roots on the 2010 album Wake Up.

Love in the future is nothing compared to any of what he has produced before, “”I feel like it’s my best album yet, and I think creatively, we did some great things. The collaboration and the talent that we have on the album is better than we’ve ever had” Legend told XXL.

Last month (September), the 34-year-old singer got married in real life to his witty model wife Chrissy Teigen and his fourth solo album, Love In The Future, parallels reality.
Legend has been making great music ever since he broke out a decade ago with “Ordinary People.”Thanks to Kanye’s help, as well as his own otherworldly talent.

John has often incorporated elements of classic soul in his music, and his new album, Love In the Future, is no exception.One of the standout songs in his latest album, All of Me, is dedicated to his wife Chrissy. His beautiful wife appears in the video of this song which also includes personal footage of their wedding in Como, Italy from last month (September).

Love in the Future is among Legend’s best work, made for couples who are into one another for the long term while feeling a little daring and crazy.

Overall, this sounds like classic John Legend. There is something wonderful about a timeless performer not bending to current musical fashions.

“All of Me” is a beautiful piano ballad produced by Dave Tozer and Legend. Watch the stunning black and white video below.

There’s nothing better in this world!

“Made to Love”, the most progressive single John Legend has ever produced

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7 thoughts on “The Legendary Legend dazzles his fans with LOVE

  1. this is great article. i like how it describes John Legend’s music and the way it tells his life story. John Legend is one the best artists and he trully lives music. this is all reflected in his new album…

  2. Thank you for this wonderful review, indeed Mr. Legend is a legend I enjoy his music and my favorite songs are Love you love and Save the night, they are beautiful .

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