Swift blows fans away with red

By Refilwe Mofokeng


swift doc

Taylor Swift’s fourth album Red was released on October 2012,by Big Machine records.Red is a follow-up of Swift’s third album Speak Now which was a success.Swift as a versatile musician has shown great potential with new and exciting music genres and because of that Red blew fans away.

Red sold more than 1.2 million copies in the U.S. in its first week and topped the billboard 200 albums chart for seven weeks and also scored the highest first-week debut of any album in over a decade.Red was the 8th largest debut in the chart history in the first week.

Swift’s album title red reflects on crazy adventures of being in love and the pain experienced because of love.From the album’s title, Swift ‘s views  on the experiences of love  is that  love is fast,out of control,involves mixes of infatuation and that all those emotions looks red when one retrospect so this is where the name of the album comes from.However this album stands out because it puts emphasis on love experiences which is something that affects us at the end of the day.

It is clear from Swift’s songs that she writes and sings about  life experiences especially the ones that revolve around love.Could this mean that Swift is reflecting on her love experiences?,because it seems like with this album red ,Swift is expressing emotions of regret and pain .However her music serves as growth of dealing with emotions revolving around love to young girls since it seems like she is reflecting on her own emotions as well.

However  Swift’s lead single from Red,we are never ever getting back together made it to the biggest digital sales week and came second  in the largest sales of the week overall.This is because it won the hearts of teenage girls alongside the track I knew you were trouble.These tracks are emotional and the instruments used adds to the expression of regret which most teenagers would relate to.In teenagers’ perspectives,listening to these tracks consoles them and convinces them that they deserve better.

The track , The last time is a contrast of the regrets displayed in we are never ever getting back together and I knew you were trouble  tracks.The track , The last time describes a relationship that is falling apart and in this track swift pleads that she must be ‘put on top of his list’.The red track reflects on swift’s relation of the colour red with her emotions about the relationship.

The multi-Grammy award winner swift continues to grow as an artist.Swift  still maintains the standard of  loyal fan base as she continues to produce music in a unique genre of country pop.Red is a great album and you can get the album from itunes. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/red/id571445253




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