Prince Royce conquers more than Bachata

Nicola Gallagher |

Prince Royce will steal your heart with his Spanglish new album, Soy el Mismo. It hit stores October 8, 2013 and has rocked the music world and stolen hearts on several continents.

Although I do not speak fluent Spanish, I absolutely love Bachata. Even when I do not understand what is being sung, I love listening to how the voice of a singer can be transformed into an instrument itself. I also enjoy discovering the meaning of the lyrics.

Prince Royce's self-titled album

Prince Royce’s self-titled album

Prince Royce has become famous the past few years for his Spanish love ballads and his beautifully crafted songs are captivating. His first album Prince Royce was released in 2010. Filled with Bachata flair, it introduced him to the music world as a young heartthrob with a euphonious voice.

Most of Royce’s music is Bachata. Bachata dancing and music is smooth yet passionate. Originating in the Dominican Republic, it has both Merengue and Salsa influences. This type of music has four beats per measure, and thus the dance is a four beat movement. Each dancer steps three steps to the side, pops the hip, and then goes back the other way.

Of course, people have been dancing to Royce’s songs for three years now. His song, “Corazon Sin Cara” reached number one, and his self-titled album skyrocketed to be the top-selling Latin album of 2011.

Fans needed more Royce. In 2012, he came out with his second album, Phase II. Again he struck the hearts of women everywhere and sang about love, romance, and beauty with immense Latin passion.

However, it was not until this album, Soy el Mismo, that Royce experimented with new types of music and singing. The title of the album means “I’m the Same.” It is a reflection of his old style yet includes a wide variety of new styles and genres.

There are some tender Bachata tracks on his new album. “Te Robaré” talks about stealing the night and falling in love. “Me Encanta” is another love ballad on the album. Prince Royce has yet again produced an album full of Bachata hits that will keep Latin clubs jumping all night.

However, Soy el Mismo is more than Bachata.

The song, “Darte un beso” is a romantic piece that has a little country kick to it. It is will bring you to the warm summer heat with it’s reggae feel.

“Nada” speaks of the timelessness with a loved one and channels pop Latin and even rock influences.

He has also begun to show off his beautifully crafted lyrics in English as well. His first albums each had songs in English, but Soy el Mismo has been a step towards gaining a stronger following in the United States.

Billboard commented that, “The fact that Royce is staging his crossover more primarily with his U.S.-influenced brand of bachata also highlights the changing face and clout of U.S.-born Hispanics who no longer look abroad for their music stars.”

'Soy el Mismo' album cover

‘Soy el Mismo’ album cover

Prince Royce has reached the top of the Latin charts, and now it is time for him to show off his talent on a larger scale. The songs “You are Fire” and “Kiss Kiss” are English songs which have a Bachata feel to them. Both are ‘Royce Romantic’ and allows for an English audience to be able to sing along to every word.

The album even includes an up-beat dance track featuring Selena Gomez called “Already Missing You.” Prince Royce has successfully experimented with big names and with his current success will be able to keep up with interesting collaborations.

Royce has risen to popularity over the past few years. Not only does his album Soy el Mismo shows off his abilty to melt hearts with Bachata ballads, but it also offers a new Royce which has the potential to spread world wide.


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