P!NK’s version about love.

By Louise Endacott

Pink is an influential singer, songwriter and actress who has made many girls and women, very much like myself feel empowered. She is a true born feminist which is expressed in her recent album The Truth About Love.



picture from P!NK Wiki


This album features songs like “slut like you”, “try” and “just give me a reason”, all of which shed light on Pink’s opinion and views on love.Pink started her solo singing career in 2000 -after many unsuccessful attempts involving bands and groups- with her debut album called “Can’t take me home” which sparked her fans interests. She then went on to sing alongside some very prominent icons in the few years that followed.

Regardless of what has happened throughout the years, Pink has stayed the same. She has been an inspiration to her fans and especially to the girls that want to grow up and mean something in this world. Her feminist attitude is shown through her single “stupid girls” in which she demonstrates how the modern day women is so caught up in their appearance, that they actually become stupid.

Pink’s new album has the same outgoing attitude as all her past albums, but within this one we go through her marriage and the birth of her child. Pink tries to show the audience that love is not always perfect, but when it comes along it is worth holding onto. “Run”, a single on her album was dedicated to her daughter Willow, and was the only lullaby themed song that she placed on the album.

In retrospect, when comparing pink’s previous albums to this one, one could easily say that she has no shortage of new material, as she keeps pulling new tricks out of her sleeves that just seem to keep her fans and followers coming back for more. Pink is widely known for her sense of humour and her straightforward, ‘no nonsense’ wit that she places on being a feminist and support it lends to her views.

She is an inspiration to all the women who want to stand up against the patriarchal society that is dominated by men who want to put women down. Her mannerism and way of self-expression is one that can simply be described as “Tough”, however when one considers what she represents and stands for, it’s no surprise. To be heard in the world of today, one needs to be fierce and fearless, be willing to take a punch and be willing to pick yourself up off the ground. That is what she teaches, that’s her lesson, to keep going.

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