Nothing’s new; Drake’s still feeling blue

drake-unleashes-nothing-was-the-same-album-cover It’s been a long time coming, waiting on listening to Drake’s new diary entries. Nothings new Drake’s still feeling blue; same materialistic content, same flow, same feeling. The Jewish Canadian hip hop star has stuck to his soft instrumentals, and calm beats. Nothing was the same is his third studio album, released by Cash Money Records.  In his collaborations he goes lyrical hardcore; one of his tracks features Jay Z, nothing is the same but the flow. I would have expected that from his previous album he had offloaded some emotional garbage. The guy whom in his albums always sounds depressed and emotional or rather too materialistic. In his previous album Take care his tracks portray him as a struggling lover suffering from the consequences of being ignorant, and uncaring in failed relationships, or better yet a guy with woman issues whom he just cannot please! From his popular songs , a sentimental view of him being a sensitive guy was widely spread, online critics have labelled him as a sensitive emotional guy. Twitter accounts have been opened to celebrate his sensitivity, joke quotes like Drake the type of nigga” to cry while he beating his meat cause he’ll think he’s cheating on his girl”. All these quotations and some blogs  are dedicated to making and sharing funny memes that make fun of his sensitivity. It’s fair to say that hip hop has never had a drake sound alike. I admire this artist’s sensitivity. This guy has been famous for his fusion of R&B and rap, and nobody does it like he does. In his previous album his work excited a lot of hip hop fanatics. He is part of the new hip hop. I have always thought of him as a rapper with a unique and honest style of unwrapping emotions, most of his lyrics let us to what’s on his mind possible his heart as well, but not much is visible about his love life in the media. So we are often waiting on getting updates via his albums, of which i personally refer to as a series of diary entries but this time around Drake does not tell much about his failed loves and crushes on other female celebs, he reflects on his childhood memories, brags about how far he has come, but still he raps and sings about these with sad lyricism.
I was convinced that Drake is inspired by depression and feeling blue, most of his tracks in Take care were about regret, letting go, and starting over. The last he said was take care and since then nothing was the same. By 20th of September I already had most of the tracks in his album which was to be released on the 24th of September 2013. They were an early birthday gift from a friend. I remember how I cried receiving the link to download the leaked version of the album, I was looking forward to listening to the chick flick tracks, and however once I hit the play button nothing was the same. In a sense that only  songs with featured artists  are strictly hip hop with hard beats. The album consists of 16 tracks. Most tracks are familiarized by that soft fusion of R&B and  poetical flavor  and some of the tracks sound like a series of reflections he sings about his childhood and woman in his life, his hustle to become a world famous star hence the song started from the bottom, he must have tried a lot to kill the sentiment that he is emotional and sensitive with his almost gangster hip hop tracks like Tuscan leather. The reason why one should buy this album is because they like drake’s diary entries, and because drake’s hurt is music to their ears. Drake’s album did  not live up to my expectations, it is expected of him to be lyrically soft but as for the flow, all of it is some way the same especially with his Thank me later album, even though his tracks are less depressing than the last album, his tracks still have that emotional effect, I guarantee your head will be left feeling blue just like his head on the cover. If you are a fan of deep thoughts, hip hop or R&B this album is for you to love. I will rate it a 6/10 because I believe more than words the flow means a lot to hip hop lovers, he could have done better. Below I have linked my favorite tracks in the album. Grab a box of tissue and enjoy! drake tissue

Track list:
Tuscan Leather
Furthest thing
Too Much


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