Night Visions: An Imagine Dragon Masterpiece

By Chad Keates

Night Visions is the debut album of the American Rock band called Imagine Dragons. It took the music scene by storm with platinum certifications in Canada, Austria, Portugal and the USA.

Their music is a concoction of alternative and indie rock with a dash of dubstep, folk, hip-hop and pop for flavour. Their latest album which has been deemed the deluxe edition because of the inclusion of three new songs is an auditory masterpiece with elements to satisfy any musical craving. Singles such as On Top Of the World rile you into a frenzy of fist pumping and outlandish sing along while singles such as Demons speaks to your inner most demons in a deep and meaningful way.

The Band- Sourced:

The Band-

New Visions is markedly different from many rock albums released this day because the music on offer is diverse and catchy and devoid of a few catchy tunes. Basically all the songs were met with positive feedback, Radioactive even featured in the trailer of Assassins Creed 3.

“The album hit No. 1 on the Billboard’s Rock and Alternative Albums charts and spent more than 22 weeks on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart. Night Visions debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Album chart selling more than 83,000 copies — the best first- week sales for a full-length album by a new rock band since May 2006.”

The meaning behind the music

Radioactive: Arguably the albums most popular song is a powerful song with good acoustics and an empowering beat. It however has a deeper meaning behind it. This meaning is embedded in the carefully crafted lyrics that can only be truly appreciated through careful analysis. The song speaks of the modern day as radioactive because of the way humanity is heading and how it isnt over just yet.

Soaring Sky High- Sourced:

Soaring Sky High- Sourced:

This embedded meaning is inherent in almost all songs. Tiptoe talks of love and Its Time talks of the pressures of self development and how hard it is to follow your dreams without disappointing someone. For anybody the song is a great piece of music but for a true follower each and every song has an embedded meaning that talks of something important in this day and age.

Night Visions is a great album by a great band. It completely revolutionizes the genre while staying true to rock lovers’ hearts at the same time. It has something for everyone and is bound to be enjoyed by generations to come.

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