Next level: bass beats rhythm music

By: Shinaé Oakes

36: an unpredictable, addictive experience of music. London musician/producer Kwes composes an extraordinary experimentation of sound and play on instrument tapping into the emotion of the song as if the experience is your own.

Kwes captured by his music as he zones into his performance

Kwesi Say (Kwes) is an independent musician and record producer, who works in the genres of electronic, rock, funk/soul, pop or as he calls it- free pop. Warp Records signed with him for the production of his latest album ‘Ilp’, which had its debut on 14 October. Since then has caught the attention of media organisations like Dummy magazine naming ipl album of the week and NME magazine rating it 7/10. The songs 36, cablecar, and lgoyh feature on the album. Kwes has also worked with songs for artists like Speech Debelle, The xx, Ghostpoet and Micachu says Dazed digital in an article about him, and was sampled by Kanye West.

Cover of debut album- Ilp

When you listen to 36 for the first time the introduction is a bit strange because all you hear is the intense strumming of bass, then you are surprised by the introduction of rich instrumental beats that seem to contrast the strong backgrounded bass. When its melody comes in, awakening the beauty of the track, you’ve already found yourself tapping and nodding your head to the beat that the happy melody that sets the mood and scene for seemingly something significant to happen, like in the introduction of a story.

The song is about young love: waiting, hoping, depending on it: love sick, but proving that such love can endure. Kewis grandparents who experienced the young love that lasted through all their years inspired 36, the title of the song is named after their house address number. The vocals, although is simplistic, it is complimentary in its sense is complimentary to the true meaning of the words of the song. The heart warming and deep lyrics grasps the attention of the listener and provokes thought to the meaning of the song. While the background beat and melody still keep the listener interested and jamming. See the music video

My recommendation, to get the full effect of the song, is to listen to it with headphones on. If you have a true appreciate of good music and lyrics this song is definitely original in its warp on music and will capture your heart and enjoyment each time you listen to it. The reason for its brilliance could be attributed to Chromesthesia– a neurological condition allowing one to hear colours, which is exactly what Kwes has, he says that perhaps that could be reason why he loves music so much and that he is at one with himself whenever he hears music.


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