My Tribute to the Kid named Cudi

Enduring a 12 hour bus ride, cramped between two large and noisy travellers through the cold long night is an option many people chose not to partake in. Though, for a Kid Cudi fan such as me it was all worth it considering I was travelling to a secret gig in Johannesburg where the one and only hip hop rock rapper Kid Cudi performing. Scott Mescudi, aka Kid Cudi graced South African soil in the beginning of the year with his first South African performance. The event was organised by Black Berry and I was one of the 1000 other fans who managed to win themselves a ticket.

Since my mid teenage years, Kid Cudi was a constant artist was stuck in my mind with singles such as ‘Day n Night’ and my forever favourite single ‘Man on the Moon’ two of the singles part of the album ‘Man on the moon: The end of Day’ which was released in 2009 and was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.


See Kid Cudi’s music video of Day n Night:


African American Scott Mescudi was born in Cleveland, Ohio in the United States of America and grew up with his two older brothers and his sister in Solon. Later in his younger years Scott decided to join the US Navy after dropping out of the University of Toledo where he studied film.  Because of Scott’s criminal record, he was denied the opportunity to be in the US Navy. For a fan such as me this was a blessing in disguise.

Scott Mescudi as a school kid in Ohio, USA.


Scott made his way to Brooklyn where he began his still stand career as one of the best alternative music artist of his time. Most of Kid Cudi’s life can be learned from the lyrics in his songs. His in depth descriptions of life events are not kept secret by this unique artist. One specific song, ‘Soundtrack to My life’ speaks about himself as ‘Scotty’ and not as his stage name Kid Cudi. In the single he speaks about his family and the trouble of growing up with his brothers in a challenging neighbourhood. Also Scotty speaks about the tribulations his mom had to go through to give him and his family what they wanted in terms of love and support. All of these things that got him to where he is now.


View Soundtrack To My Life lyrics here:


One of his first singles ‘Man on the Moon’ led him away from the commercial rapping genre of music. The depth in ‘Man on the Moon’ sets his rapping apart from artist such as Little Wayne and Kanye West who rap about sexuality in females in vulgarity to rather preaching about more prevailing relevant issues in his own life and in the world. ‘Man on the Moon’, the single that he describes as “a recipe” is an entirely unique mash up of different genres of music. Some people refer to the song as an Indie type track while others describe it as slow hip hop. Cudi does his best to involve different kinds of ingredients of music genres to make a tasty new genre of music. Cudi’s feelings, his emotions and his endeavours throughout his life are displayed for the public to hear and enjoy.


Veiw Kid Cudi Man on The Moon single here:


Scott never grew up in the greatest neighbourhood of Brooklyn and Ohio but managed to become a great artist with visionary and musical talent that is second to none. Scott Mescudi’s music sends a message of hope to the young generation that it doesn’t matter where you grow up, an individual can still make something of themselves with a little bit of talent and a whole lot of growing up.

Click here to read more about Kid Cudi: The Story of Scott Mescudi

When I saw Kid Cudi for the first time at the live performance at the Black Berry secret gig in Johannesburg, I stood in awe. For the artist I have so longed for to make an appearance in South Africa stood merely two metres away from me while I sang in unison. The experience was unreal. It made the 12 hour bus trip between two large individuals more than worthwhile.



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