Matthew Mole Raises The Earth In SA



Matthew Mole does “washing -line sessions” in his back yard in Fish Hoek, giving his music a homely South Africa feel

Kayleigh Tuck|Poking his head out of the sand with his debut album “The Home We Built”, Matthew Mole surprised fellow South Africans when he reached No.1 on the SA iTunes list earlier this year. With nostalgic backyard music sessions (accompanied by the sound of hadidas in the background) and instruments ranging from the ukulele to the piano, Mole’s got fans tapping their leathers to his upbeat genre that he calls “folk with an electronic backbone”.

Each song contains an unusual combination of instruments, emitting a different emotional aura depending the subject matter. Take Yours, I’ll Take Mine is the most popular on Youtube  and the Mumford and Sons influence stands out in the use of the banjo and tambourine which are subtly backed up with Mole’s own electronic compositions.

The slow, therapeutic melody of The Wedding Song shapes the perfection of masculinity and femininity as perfect compliments in the union of marriage. Some of his songs have a religious undertone, but are in no way preachy. Each song bubbles with contagious optimism about the never-ending adventures of life, full of discovery and wonder.

“Have I Told You” music video:

Some have discarded Matthew Mole’s music as unoriginal, his sound too borrowed from other Indie bands like Mumford and Sons. Although some of his songs may contain the similar “ding -a-ling” sound of the banjo, his wide array of musical instruments and electronic sound along with his clear, smooth sparkling voice create a unique sense of euphoria for those who can appreciate it. His songs emit a sense of hope for the intricate details of life and nature, the sun, the moon, love and faith and this can be more appreciable than the Mumford and Sons’ “telling you how to run your life” vibes.

Matthew’s songs are perfect for road tripping along the coastline, having a braai with friends and to lift your spirits after a miserable day filled with pessimistic people and desk littering paper work.

Who can enjoy his music? Well anyone who doesn’t bash South African artists and anyone that can appreciate the unique hint of South Africa audible in his music. If you’re a daydreamer, a lover, a believer or anyone who enjoys a bit of “whistling hippie music” as my brother coldly calls it, you should love this. His sound is pure, his message brimming with  heart-felt morals and his SA accent will always make you a little nostalgic about the old days.

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Matthew Mole's Debut album: The Home We Built

Matthew Mole’s Debut album: The Home We Built


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