Maroon 5: New Album Exposed

Maroon 5 has taken a turn from their original alternative-rock image to something more for the pop lovers. Whether or not their fans like this new change, Maroon 5’s latest album Overexposed has made itself comfortable in top charts around the world.

Maroon 5's 4th studio album, Overexposed.

Maroon 5’s 4th studio album, Overexposed.

Influential producers in the music industry have contributed to the success of the band’s latest album, including Max Martin who is known for writing hit singles for pop star Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Usher. To learn more about the work of Max Martin visit The shift to pop territory has left fans disappointed and critics talking.

The Washington Post describes Overexposed as being a, “hit-seeking missile that doesn’t just slaughter Maroon 5’s reputation for sincerity, it festoons its corpse with glitter, hairspray and Hello Kitty Stickers.” This was not the only review suggesting that Maroon 5 lost their purpose in an act of desperation in order to sell their music. Read what the critics have to say:

Despite what the fans are saying, Overexposed has received inescapable success and possibly greater success for Adam Levine’s signature vocal style in pursuing a solo career. We have been able to get to know Adam Levine a lot more from his swiveling red judge’s chair on the hit show, The Voice alongside Christina Aguilera, whom we know featured in one of Maroon 5’s most successful singles, “Moves Like Jagger”.

“Moves Like Jagger” music video:

With regards to the mixed views of the new album, it is fair to say that everybody is entitled to an opinion but those in favour of Overexposed have got it right. People need to keep in mind that the music industry is cut throat. Artists need to be challenged and in order to do that, risks need to be taken and change needs to be embraced. In the words of Adam Levine from a song on the new album, “I’m afraid that I gotta do, what I gotta do”. Get to know Maroon 5’s front man a little better:

Judge on The Voice, Season 4.

Adam Levine on The Voice, Season 4.

Front man, Adam Levine with his band at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

Front man, Adam Levine with his band at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

Overexposed comprises of twelve tracks infused with rock, funk and pop. In addition to the favourites, “One More Night”, “Payphone” and “Daylight” is a collection of soul filled, sing along, feet moving and heart throbbing songs to put you in a hopeful mood. Every track might not be of “Moves Like Jagger” quality, but a true fan can recognise and appreciate that each song is aiming at breaking new grounds. Get the track list and a track by track review here:

If one can relate to a song’s lyrics they most likely end up on your ‘Most Played’ list or is left on repeat. Personal favourites include, “Lucky Strike”, “Love Somebody” and “Sad”. Overexposed has consistent energy and has dynamic and merging genres that creates an interesting spread of sound. The album unfortunately has its weak points but nothing worth fussing about. Overexposed is definitely worth taking a listen to. More than anything it shows the band’s versatility as artists and their credibility. With 4 top singles in one album, you cannot go wrong.


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