LSD Becomes Hip/Hop’s New Dimension.

Chance Bennett a.k.a Chance The Rappers’s rise to fame was unlike any other seen before. His first Mixtape called the Ten Day Mixtape was literally recorded in ten days while serving a suspension from school for dealing marijuana and bunking. This mixtape got over 50 000 downloads on the hip/hop sharing site Datpiff and drew the attention of the music columnist at Forbes Magazine and led to chance being invited to tour America with Childish Gambino.


Chance’s latest offering ‘Acid Rap’ released April 30th has brought a new sound to hip/hop from the big things like the production to the smaller things including strange ad libs and the new artists he has worked with.

The 13 track Acid Rap mixtape includes production from some of the biggest hip/hop producers in the world such as  Cam for J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, Peter Cottontale and Nate Fox.

Chance also blesses us with great collaborations with artists like Noname Gypsy, Childish Gambino and Ab-Soul.

The subject matter of this mixtape is unusual when compared to what one would expect from current hip/hop artists. The majority of the tape is dedicated to Chance’s experimentation with LSD which is not a usual ‘rapper drug.’ Acid Rain also includes songs about love and heartbreak and losing loved ones as well as stories about how his life has changed after the release on the 10 Day Mixtape.

Chance the Rapper brings a new sound to what we usually expect from hip/hop as he has found a balance between using melodic vocals and singing and has incorporated them into his spoken word poetic style of rapping. His awkward ad libs add an element of fun that express the rappers no-care attitude.

My favourite song on the album is Lost ft Noname Gypsy the song about heartbreak and dealing with it really touches the soul as every lyric is meaningful and heartfelt.

overall I would give this Mixtape 4/5 microphones only because I feel that this tape should have been released as an Album.


Listen to Acid Rap here


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