“Kiss Land” kisses the land.

By: Lonwabo Sigabi

2012 MTV O Music Awards’ best web-born artist, The Weeknd, recently released his album Kiss Land, which achieved platinum status in two countries. While his previous album Trilogy had a superb 4th place peak position in the US Billboard 200, Kiss Land was in an outstanding 2nd place.

Abel Tesfaye, commonly known as The Weeknd, burst onto the scene in 2011, where he produced three great mixtapes. His first was House of Balloons,  followed by Thursday and Echoes of Silence. His first three mixtapes were produced in the same year and would later be combined into his first official album called Trilogy in 2012.

Kiss Land sold 96 000 copies in its first week. In its first three weeks, it sold 137 000. Considering the fact that Trilogy  was a compilation album, Kiss Land is his first studio album. This studio album was only 2 000 copies short of being placed 1st in the US Billboard 200. The album consists of 10 songs, of which three are singles. His music video, Live For, has been on Youtube for a month and already has over two million views. You can watch the video on the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLr0usOC2_k

His unique style of making music is difficult to classify into a single genre. His distorted electro sounds and filtered bass almost put his listeners into a trance. He has no specific crowd that he targets, instead, he reaches out to people’s emotions by revealing the raw truth about sex and drugs in modern society. His raw coverage of such topics appeal to both those who are and aren’t fans of mainstream music because it is all life in the end. weeknd full feat

The Weeknd is currently on tour and had just completed his last performance in Canada last night. His next destination is the United Kingdom and has four more performances lined up there. for more information, you can follow this link: https://www.songkick.com/artists/4363463-weeknd


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