Transformation for The Weekend

By Sekgametsi Maloa


I will admit that I am a fan of Abel Tesfaye . Listening to Kiss Land was not an out of this world experience. I found it hard to relate to some of the songs until I found track 9 “pretty”. I must say I was struck by the video first, pretty was able to capture a feeling I have never been able to relate to until I watched the video. The story line is filled with mystery and is misleading. I will admit I only got the plot at the end of the video.

Pretty explores a crime of passion. A man arrives at the airport and is picked up by his driver. Most of the video covers Tesfaye’s journey to his girlfriend who has not seen in a year.  What confused me is that the lyrics and what is happening in the video do not match. Well in my opinion the two do not correspond.

If you know Tesfaye, also known as The Weekend. Then you will know that this 23 year old Toronto born musician is not shy when it comes to sharing his feelings. Well only when it comes to his music, because this young man has only ever given one interview. We can thank his record deal for that.

In September 2013 Tesfaye released his first album as a signed artist under Universal music group.  Kiss Land is the title of the album. The singer gave insight to the album in an interview with Mtv. Kiss Land is a compilation of songs where Tesfaye explores his new life as a recording artist. Like his previous albums Kiss Land explicitly talks about sex, money, fame and relationships.

In his interview with Mtv Tesfaye explains that this album was influenced by his visit to Japan.  This was his first visit to a country so far away from home and while on tour he was able to write songs that explored the emotions he was going through, like his loneliness.

Tesfaye has not lost his ability to express himself. however this album is not his best work, hopefully he will find his feet as a signed artist. i do enjoy his music video’s they always seem to paint the perfect picture.



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