John Legend’s hit album

John LegendJohn Legend still still in it

Ziyanda| John Roger Stephen known as John Legend was born on the 28th December 1978 he is a singer-song writer of rnb music, actor and has won nine Grammy Awards.

Album- Love in the future

This album was released after the evovler album. It doesnt mean that since it is after the evolver album the mesage inside it is the continuation. It is different even the theme. 

The stand out performance of this album its the one of All of me which is the one that makes the album to sell since most people relate or love the song. This track its intimate and emotional for everyone even if you not in a relationship.

This album is different from the previous one which is known as Evolver. Evolver album was made for people to see that artist don’t stay in one place they evolve. John legend even states that he is always going to try new expiriences and new things. The Love in future album is more personal to John Legend it is mention by Jon Donal that the track “All of me”  was added to the beginning to create a gesture of endless baby making rapture

John Legend worked with Kanye West as a leadership  this album and he even stated that even though he has been working with Kanye West in his previous albums but this one is the one he worked with him a lot. The executive producer of the album is Dave Tozer. The album was fiinished and released on the 30th of August 2013.

the slogan of the song is comprehended by the cover of it. The cover is the red roses symbolising love between John and his model fiance Chrissy Teigen. The song that John relates to its “All of me”

The sequence of the songs is basically explains John’s personal progress of his love or relationship.

The artist that he has worked with besides Kanye West and that motivated him are Magnetic Mans, Dilate people and Jay-Z. He also worked with Alicia Keys as a backing vocal in the 2003  album “You don’t know my name. before the release of “love in the future album” he was alleging sued by Anthony Stokes that he copyright the song Maxine interlude which was in the 2006 album named “once again”. he denied the alleges he even suggested that they should settle the matter at the court.

“You and I” make me emotional and happy. The message behind this album is that love do exist even if it is not in present maybe somewhere in the future.

This album is useful to the music industry because it relates to the audiences and if it relates to the audiences then it will sell


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