John Legend makes a hit again.


By: Maphefo Nelly Leputu


The album Love in the future was released in the 2013 and one of my favorite songs features on the album. All of me is the 6th song on the track list which also became a hit song and it is by the most marvelous singer John Legend, he explains the song as sacred to him since it is written for now his beloved wife Chrissy Teigen. the song All of me was released two weeks after their wedding.

The song has seems to have moved millions of people. The music video views is currently siting on 3,473,045 views.

He features his wife on the music video which makes the song even more intimate and beyond interesting. The song is a smooth R&B track, it is romantic because it talks about how he feels about the woman in his life, he mentions her insecurities and how he is in-love the most with them plus they are what make her perfect in his eyes as he says “All of me loves all of you, all your curves and all your edges and your perfect imperfections.” John has escalated his style of music to another level. He is known by his romantic in touch with emotions songs but All of me has a different spark to it, one who’s is female would relate perfectly with the words of the song as they imply everything that has to do with acceptance and love and that is normally what every woman would want especially in a man, just to be loved and accepted for who they are. The song is not a disappointment at all the seven time Grammy Award winner always delivers. All of me is a very touching song that heals the wounds of the heart any time any day.

I fell in-love with the song from the moment go and that happened because I am in a relationship with a guy I wish to spend the rest of my life with. He loves me with all my curves and edges and my perfect imperfections. The song has a beautiful piano accompaniment that sets the mood to the beautiful words of the song. Policymic blog describe the song as “classically sexy” which I agree with.


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