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Gorillaz last album has electronic influence and continues with rap element with artists including Mos Def and Snoop Dogg contributing. Plastic Beach, great album!


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Gorillaz last album celebrates electronic future.


It’s taken 5 years for the Gorillaz to produce a new album, but finally the surreal characters made famous by their music video for the single ‘Clint Eastwood’ are back this time in the album ‘Plastic Beach’. This time, the narrative that created a strong connection to the band for many listeners continues on a futurist rubbish dump in the Pacific Ocean.


Stylistically, ‘Plastic Beach’ explores a modern culture of waste and environmental damage. The uncharacteristic electronic element in this album works beautifully on some songs, less so on others, but ties in overwhelmingly well to the futurist theme and feel of the album’s style.


A short analysis of the albums concept art is available here.


Mos Def among many contributing artists.

The Gorillaz have always been praised for their highly skilled incorporation of other artists into their music and forcing them out of their comfort zones, providing their music with an eclectic style unique to most bands as well established as the Gorillaz. This album takes this talent to new heights, with rap veterans De La Soul featuring in the track ‘Superfast Jellyfish’ providing some of Gorillaz’s best chorus lines to date and rap legend Snoop Dogg featuring as early as the second track.


The album moves away from the rock influences that characterized their original album, simply titled ‘Gorillaz’, evident in the vocals and rock melody of the song ‘19-2000’.  The incorporation of big names such as Mos Def, Snoop Dogg, De La Soul, Kano and Bashy have expanded the band’s rap influence, explored lightly in Demon Days but not to the degree Plastic Beach managed to incorporate.


The smooth rapping of Mos Def in ‘Sweepstakes’ is fused very comfortably with playful electronic sounds, who very skillfully manage to not to distract from the already superb work produced by Mos Def in this track. Little Dragon similarly has a lot of freedom to explore the kind of music that made them so popular in ‘To Binge’ without being over-powered.


A return to an emphasis on singles

The album has strong singles, most notably ‘Rhinestown Eyes’, a song that will immediately remind any avid Gorillaz fan of the surreal vocals, strong developed rhythms and beautiful melodies of Gorillaz’s biggest critical success ‘Clint Eastwood’.


The surreal music video for ‘Clint Eastwood’ is still considered iconic among music lovers. You can watch it here.


Another success is ‘Some Kind of Nature’, which while relying heavily on the strength of Lou Reed’s vocal presence assures the song is very memorable favorite among listeners with it’s beautiful descriptive lyrics and playful harmonizing.


The last album by the Gorillaz reinforces their reputation as leaders in innovation and collaboration. The quality of featuring artists was superb, and contributed to an eclectic embrace on the part of the Gorillaz of a futurist, electronic and digital future. Their last album stands as a testament to the groups ability to remain relevant despite long period out of the industry, and while the album lacks any definitive and effortless hit reminiscent of Feel Good Inc is still s a resounding success.


You can listen to the full album here:



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Full album here:


Short analysis:


‘Clint Eastwood’ music video:




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