The jungle happy noise of JinjaSafari

By: Shannon Frost

It is a great thing to have an album that draws you out of your surroundings and transports you to another enchanted world. Locked By Land is the beginning of a listeners musical adventure as the album transforms Jinja Safari’s vivid African memories into otherworldly music.

While naming the band after an East African town in Uganda, the initial duo of Marcus Azon and Cameron Knight has found their inspiration through rolling drums, tinkling glockenspiels, and light-stepping sitar textures that seem effortless to the ear.

Jinja Safari is an African-inspired dreamy folk pop band, with a melodic richness comparable to acts of Animal Collective and Sigur Ros. Known for their energetic live shows, this “forest rock” band have produced music with mystical lyrics and sunny melodies to capture the indie in everyone across the globe.

The Australian band’s first single “Peter Pan” illustrates their strengths and sets the spiritual tone for the album. This track consists of tropical melodies and colourful lyrics that float in the mind of the listener long after the song is finished. “Sunken House” suggests an earthy sound that demands listeners to lose themselves in the breezy lyrics. Whereas, “Hiccups” is more lively with its exotic indie-rock beats and care-free charm.

Although Locked By Land promises glowing energy, it does however cease to stand out and grab your attention the entire time. Clocking in at around 50 minutes long, it feels almost too drawn out for a pop album. Best in short, sugary, joyful bursts, the band have created something energetic and bouncy. In order to really shine Jinja Safari will have to mix up their sound by exploring their strong potential.

The album’s track titles and lyrics are clear signs of the group’s playfulness and fearless approach to try new sounds. Since the duo met at a beach party, it’s unsurprising that their work embodies a free-spirited atmosphere. A stand-out element of this album is, of course, the bizarre track titles. “Head in a Blender”, “Mud” and “Vagabond” intrigue all the senses and capture the band’s imagination. Jinja Safari performs live in rare forest locations and charms the forest eyes of their fans with their jungle happy noise.

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