Jimmy Nevis: simply a musical hybrid


In 2012 Cape Town gave birth to Jimmy Nevis, a singer/songwriter whose sound can only be described as acoustic, deep, alternative, eclectic and evolving.

Jimmy Nevis, whose Alternative Pop sound had me mistake him for an American artist, writes songs from his experiences and those of others around him. This is evident in the emotive, poetic and thought provocative nature of his lyrics which leave one wondering if he really is 19 years old. His heart-reflective lyrics and the catchy melodies with which they are merged make it hard for me  to listen without bobbing my head to the beat.

His debut album Subliminal, comes with 14 tracks, most of which comprise of lyrics that carry a hidden meaning. This poetic album uttered its first words with the single Elephant Shoes which topped charts on radio stations such as Heart 104.9 and GoodHope FM. The word play on this track is nothing less than impressive.

The name ‘Heartboxers’ – with which he refers to his growing fan base – was inspired by his second single Heartboxing, which became an even bigger success than the first. With its quirky lyrics, the likening of love to addiction and relationships to the act of using drugs, this song speaks to any individual who has had an on-off relationship.

Musically, the subtle use of a Capella accompaniment throughout the track completes the youthful, guitar-rich sound of the song.

His third offering In Love with You has become an anthem amongst the youth as its guitar sounds, and its laidback delivery of lyrics compel one to sing along and listen to it repeatedly.

The music video, produced by Rude World Records and filmed on location in Cape Town, is a visual statement that youngsters are able to approach love with a carefree, positive attitude.

See In Love With You music video:

The ballad-like nature and use of drums in Balloon – although with a quicker tempo -reminded me of Bruno Mars’ It Will Rain. The lyrics are conversationally romantic. His collaborations with the trio Mi Casa and rapper Kwesta allow Jimmy Nevis to reach out to music lovers across the country who are not familiar with his music.


Jimmy Nevis with J Something of Mi Casa

Speaking of reaching new heights, Jimmy Nevis’ music has begun receiving airplay in the USA, following his signing with Ultra Records in the same country.

Jimmy Nevis’ songs are often described as “adult nursery rhymes” and with so much versatility his album, he is definitely no one-hit wonder.


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