Guns and Money: Foreshadows Rock-stardom

Guns and Money: Foreshadows Rock-stardom

By: Alizwa Mnyatheli64055_243935559029394_1827460975_n

It could be a rendition of 50 Shades of Grey, as it appears completely monochrome, or simply the colour of their sultry, energizing, dark grandeur of noise. Either way, the Guns and Money music video most certainly does encapsulate the lifeblood of the entire Shadowclub album.   

You can Bet Your Guns and Money on Them.

Pure, unadulterated Rock and Roll & Blues” is how vocalist and guitarist Jacques Moolman describes not only the tune, but the kind of rock and roll they as a band vouch for in the music they produce. Indeed, it is no wonder the track feels somewhat two-fold; it is the heavy texture located in Louis Roux’s bass guitar, amidst the bluesy tempo tittering in Isaac Klawansky’s drums mixed with Jacques rude tone in his singing. It even more surreal how they do not break a single sweat gland given the cardio they exude throughout; in an ambience stewed by the smoke which permeates the entire production.


Issac Klawansky. On the drums at Champs Action Bar, Grahamstown. Photo by: Charles F. J. Faul

The people that melt to this track are in numbers and all, if not most, can attest to the rich blues with a tinge of Rock ‘n Roll. The 18th SAMA’s  and the Vodacom Unlimited InTheCity

masses snapping their fingers and boggling their heads simultaneous by effect of the fusion which the band prides on.

Do they ever Slow down?

Jacques Moolman shredding it at Oppikoppi. Photo by Willim Welsyn

Let us hope not. It appears though, as the beginning of the music video seems to1098391_524772537594959_1428836193_n suggest, the only time you’ll find these boys ‘quiet’ is in the restroom; Isaac, his back against the white wall, as he takes in the last puff of his cigarette, Jacque vainly stands in front of the mirror walks off tall and Louis follows dally along after taking a leak.   

Lyrics about Guns and Money

It is yet to be clarified what the meaning of the lyrics are. Jacques also repeats the same verse. Perhaps he owes it to us fans to tell us the rest of the story. The song is however let down by that gap in the supposed tale between the boy who “took to the road” and the girl who “knows because her money makes the world go ‘round”. It is not exactly easy to make the link there.

Shadow Club today.                                                                 FAcebook pic

Southern Pulse, happily recalls when these three shadows record their first demo in 2009 at SABC in Auckland Park. They had had a single rehearsal six months prior to that session. The recording was all done continuously, live and unedited. Now that is a band you can definitely put you money on.

The shadows are currently recording at Get Phat Studios with Grant Bezuidenhout- sound engineer for the Parlotones- and publishing under Sony Music.


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