Grahamstown praise poet goes to places

Nqontsonqa on stage

Nqontsonqa on stage

By Sibusiso Klaas

The young and enthusiastic Siphelo Dyongman, 21, known as Nqontsonqa Imbongi Yakwantu – the praise poet of the people is from the small town in the Eastern Cape called Grahamstown. He is a Xhosa praise poet and a Journalism and Media Studies student at Walter Sisulu University.

As a praise poet, in some of his songs he does not use sounds but to some he does use sounds. The song called Ndiyakudinga he does not use sounds and I feel like it is the most interesting song because it gets people to listen to him attentively without being disturbed by the sound. I find his music interesting when he sings without sounds because he is a praise poet and in order to enjoy and understand praises there must not be sounds that will disturb people.

Most of the praise poets I have listened to for example Simbone they use sound in their songs and they are also good. Simbone is the praise poet from East London. When I used to listen to Simbone I thought he was good but when I listened to Nqontsonqa that changed the way I used to think about Simbone. The artists are both good but since Nqontsonqa does not use sound in some of his songs that interested me and some of the listeners.

He released his second album on the first of July 2012 that has eight tracks compilation tape. He featured two vocalists in his album, one in track four is Celtic and in track six is Bonny. He also writes and produces his praises by himself and has released his second album called “ANC- Ayindim Ndenzeni Compilation” under Nqontsonqa Production. The album sold 800 copies and it is available at Vincent Park and Hemmingway’s Musica Store.

He has won a bronze award in the competition of speech and drama held by UBOM Drama Theatre and also won an award as the Best Solo Poet at Injongo Production talent search. He performed in many events such as Steve Biko Ginsberg Easter Festival and the Buffalo City Metro Municipality Summer Carnival. He shared a stage with Berita and feature on her album. His music has been playing on some of South African radio stations and is available online.


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