Gqala: Audio letter to loved one

By Bongolwethu Draai- Artists seldom show case their work before the master piece is completed. Nkosinathi Poni, better known as Gqala to us fanatics of his music, decided to shy away from these norms and upload the production of his most recent single titled I didn’t know on you tube four months before the release of the song.  



The producer, singer and song writer produces his music in his home in Port Alfred. Eroomini Productions, his one man run production has produced multiple singles which he performs at functions, school shows and which get played on the Kowie F.M radio station in Port Alfred. The artist came to the fore in underground music/local hip- hop in the Ndlambe and Makana area after he released his first single in 2003 titled Ngubani u number 1 ekasi? (Who is number one in the location?), which contracted a huge following.

Though He had collaborated with other local artists in the past, he roams solo for all his songs in recent times. For the past three years, a time period in which he has produced seven singles and a separate album dedicated to confronting the Explainers, (a local band which was under his production for a while) he has worked alone.

In his previous works the artist sang of how he is the best compared to other local artists and swore at them. I didn’t know however is a song which displays a different side to the artist, a more mature and love stricken side to him. Dedicated to the mother of his unborn child, the single has 142 views on YouTube. In the chorus he declares how he was not expecting to find a woman “never thought I could be in love with a diligent and divine beautiful woman waze wandibulala ntombhazana yazi ba ndawuthini na ekhaya (you killed me girl I wonder what I am going to tell my family).”

The single was voted song of the year 2012 by Kowie F.M listeners, which is an immense accolade for the 24 year old. Gqala has been in the music industry for 10 years but recently won me over when he began to sing about serious issues that listeners can relate to. So if you love stories of finding love in unexpected places and people alike, then I didn’t know is just the song for you, Kowie F.M listeners liked it and so will you.


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