God gives The Soil a testimony

By Nonhlanhla Mahlobisa

Pic by Dreamstation

Pic by Dreamstation

Executive producer, Sipho Sithole of Native Rhythms Productions surprised the talented acapella group by signing them under his recording label via a phone call he made when the group was being interviewed by a Metro fm dj.

Pic sourced from Facebook

Pic sourced from Facebook

The Soil, an acapella group of four talented members who are all Soweto-born. The first member is referred to as God, followed by Ntsika Fana Ngxanga, Luphindo Ngxanga and Buhlebendalo Mda. Buhlebendalo is the only girl among the two brothers and Luphindo is the one behind the beatboxing. “The group’s music bears testimony to the fact that God created man using the very soil and thousands of years later He gave a voice to The Soil. It is through this belief that The Soil invites you to listen with your ear on the ground as you might hear the sound”.

Since The Soil released their debut album which is self-entitled in 2011 with a hit song  Sunday , everyone has not stopped talking about them and their fan base has been ridiculously increasing such that they are now sitting with 307, 379 likes on their Facebook page.

The Soil released their latest self-entitled Deluxe Edition album in 2012 which sold over platinum. All songs from The Soil Deluxe Edition were composed and produced by all the three members whereby Mpho Hlahla recorded and mixed all songs. The album was mastered by Regan Kelsey at Lapdust Studios. The executive producer of the album is Sipho Sithole.   All songs are published by The Soil Publishing and administered by Active Music Publishing. The album is released through Native Rhythm Productions and Sony Music Entertainment. The album includes two bonus tracks and three bonus dvd. The Soil Deluxe Edition comes with two discs, disc one includes songs from the first album with modifications and extra two bonus tracks while disc two includes three bonus dvd. For this album, The Soil collaborated with Zakwe which their music video has been nominated for the most gifted afro-pop video hosted by Channel O music video awards.

The album incorporates genres comparable to jazz, hip hop, afro-pop, gospel and afro soul. The Soil refers their style of music as “Kasi Soul” (contemporary township style) because they fuse all genres into harmonious sounds. The album caters for the young and old because everyone can relate to it. The lyrics are easy to follow and are based on everyday life events.

Artists like The Muffinz, Freshly ground and Naima Kay maybe potential competitors since they all fall under the jazzy genre.

The Soil has performed at the Grahamstown Arts Festival, Jazz by the River, and Universities all around the country. Their latest performances were in Africa Now Festival at Apollo Theatre Music Café in New York and Edinburgh Festival in the United Kingdoms.  They have won a SATMA (South African Traditional Music Achievement) award for Best Afro-Soul album and the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz competition.

Joy is the most loved song in the album

Sedilaka has been featured as a soundtrack on the movie Dark Tide starring Halle Berry.

As their undying fan, I guarantee you that you will not regret buying the album because the music will uplift and heal your soul. “The album is a reflection of the group’s aspiration for a world full of joy, hope, faith, goodwill and love – a message carried out with each performance and each song.”

For information about The Soil and the album you can visit:





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