Get Wet with the Krew


Sweat, sex and energy are words that describe the electronic dance music (EDM) group from Chicago made up of the vocalist song writing sisters Jahan and Yasmine and producer Kris, aka Rain Man.

One of my favourite groups in the EDM scene, Krewella has torn up the party scene with their live performances and their mix of house, dubstep and drum and bass. Their debut album “Get Wet” captures their sexual personalities and pulse energy with their captivating lyrics, sweet vocals and filthy bass.

Krewella_Get_Wet_Artwork_with_PA_Logo KREWELLA_Live_Image_by_Patrick_Tiu


The group started out when on one drunken night in school, Rain Man and Jahan met and started writing music. Younger sister Yasmine was then persuaded out of her indie music to join the team. The writing process generally involves the two sisters writing the lyrics and singing vocals and Rain Man producing the banging beats. Since then the group has been making remixes for the likes of Skrillex, Zedd and Fall Out Boy, collaborating with as well as releasing chart topping singles like “Alive” and “Come and Get It,” both of which are on their new album.

The title of the album is said to describe the wild nights Krewella have been apart of, where they spray bottles of water into the crowd but also to capture their own sexual personalities. Most of the songs in the album like “Come and Get it” and “Killin It” are hard club pumping anthems, yet there are songs that capture a more emotional and deep sensation. “Enjoy the Ride” plays on sexual innuendos but with its sugary piano melody and melodic chorus one can’t help but feel nostalgic and adventurous.

Krewella has said that their influences include Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy, which made working with them an exciting experience. Fans of Krewella, known as part of the “Krew” have been patiently waiting for the album and to be released. It had taken about two years to complete. In an interview on the Denver Post, Jahan Yousaf said that she would like to stick to a schedule of making one album a year following the release of “Get Wet.”

If you are in the mood to party, need a pick-me-up, want some pumping gym music then I suggest you make your way off to Krewella’s soundcloud account and preview their songs to find your musical soul mate.





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