From Jezebel to Fingerprints



From Jezebel to Fingerprints


Vuyelwa Happiness Mtolo


Like all Kalawa Jazmee Records artists, Professor has proven to be the artist to feature in all songs. Known as Professor, Mkhonzeni Langa has been delivering hit after hit ever since he joined Kalawa Jazmee Records. His latest album The Orientation, has dubbed him Best Kwaito Album yet again.

The first single Fingerprints has proven yet again that Professor must never be under-estimated in the Kwaito genre. It has been a hit on radio stations like Gagasi FM, Ukhozi FM and Metro FM, and on Channel O.

Professor has since collaborated with many other South African artists and has travelled overseas and to other African countries to perform.


Langa started off as Tzozo&Professor before he went solo. They had been producing great hits since early 2004; with famous songs like Woz’ eDurban. When he went solo, with his team from Kalawa Jazmee Records, they produced the album Professor released in 2010. This album featured Speedy, Oskido and Character, Tira and DJ Clock, just to mention a few. It won Best Male Album, Best Kwaito Album and Album of the Year Awards in the 2011 Metro FM Awards and the South African Music Awards (SAMAs). It was the first and only kwaito album to ever have four hits in the top ten Ukhozi FM New Year’s Eve countdown chart: Jezebel (1), Imot’entshontsh’ imali (3), Lento (4) and Ijimaph LeWeight (5).


The Orientation

Released in 2012, this album won Professor Best Male Album and Best Kwaito Album in the Metro FM Music Awards 2013. It consists of 17 tracks.  He featured artists like BigNuz, Brickz, Busisiwe, AKA, Character and Speedy, just to mention a few. Fingerprints came number three on the Ukhozi FM New Year’s Eve countdown chart 2012. This album consists of songs like Fingerprints, Intomb’zam, Baphi and One Night Stand, just to mention a few.

Instruments like the piano and keyboard were used to enhance the sound of the album. Professor is not the only artist who worked on the production of the album: Oskido co-produced it, Spikiri co-wrote some of the lyrics, and the rest of Kalawa put in their efforts to produce the album and direct videos.

Best Tracks

Fingerprints and Intomb’zam.


This album is a must have for kwaito fans. It has great hits, features great artists and has a December vibe to it. It will definitely put you in a party mood.


Rating: 7/10








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