Flume – The Debut

Flume – Album Art

Flume is an experimental electronic music project that was started in Sydney, Australia by the up-and-coming producer, Harley Streten (born 1991). His self-titled debut album was released last year, on 9 November and has since received much acclaim worldwide.

Streten has been producing music since the age of thirteen. The Australian record company, Future Classic, discovered and signed Streten after he submitted the tracks “Sleepless”, “Over You” and “Paper Thin” into an original artist’s competition in 2011. Subsequently, Flume’s first EP containing the three tracks, titled “Sleepless”, was released. This was of course followed up by the 2012 release of his debut album, which saw collaborations with many vocal artists including Moon Holiday, George Maple, Jezebel Doran, Chet Faker and T.Shirt. The album reached number one on the Australian iTunes charts and number two on the ARIA Albums Chart shortly after its release.

Harley Streten (2013)

Since then the album made ARIA Albums Chart history on Australia Day 2013 by being the first electronic album since 2008 to reach number one on that list.

Flume also signed with Mom + Pop Records in December last year and announced the release of his debut album in America. The album came out on 21 February this year and has received strong support and positive reviews by American critics.

The success of Flume, the album, continues to grow world wide as more people are made aware of Flume’s work and of the genre of experimental electronic music in general. The Youtube video for “Sleepless” on the Future Classic channel has had almost 600 000 views. Flume also has 49 382 Twitter followers and 272 344 likes on his Facebook page. While these numbers may not seem all that overwhelming, they are undoubtedly impressive for an artist that is so new on the scene, especially considering the fact that the genre of music itself is rather new, unique and experimental.

Flume has brought some much-needed exposure the genre of experimental electronic music and has in a way redefined it. Although Flume may fall under this genre, the artist has arguably introduced his very own, original category of music to the world, using a combination of experimental electronic sounds and ambient vocals.

Flume Live

It seems that things can only go one way for this artist at this point – up. That is if he continues to release tracks that exhibit the same sense of class and experimental flare. So, after the release of his new track “Intro feat. Stalley“, it is very unlikely that Flume will be disappearing from the scene anytime soon.



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