Falling In Reverse debut album review

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Self-proclaimed “king of the music scene”, Ronnie Radke debuts his new album after his incarceration and subsequent departure from the band Escape The Fate.

“The Drug In Me Is You” is the debut album of the new band Falling In Reverse. The lead singer Ronnie Radke has been out of the music industry for quite some time and this album is a striking comeback.

Although this album lacks originality and becomes lost in the post-hardcore punk genre, the vocals and melodies work in this bands favour. The band’s main influence was Eminem. It is produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette (also the producer of Escape The Fate’s 2006 extended play and full length). He does a great job of conveying the catchy beat and clever lyrics the band was going for.

The soaring guitar leads by Jacky Vincent, solid percussion by Ryan Seaman and  deep bass by Ron Ficarro help to weave together a very catchy array of songs as said by LeoHH: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/LeoHH/ in his review. Vocals by Ronnie Radke are strong and full of emotion. This helps to emphasise the lyrics of the songs and draws fans to the thing they loved about Ronnie in the first place- his passion.

The lyrics

A lot of the songs serve as an auto- biography of Ronnie Radke’s life. This can either work for or against the album depending on the listener. Fans of Ronnie who followed the story of his incarceration and life will enjoy the lyrics as they give a personal account of his life. Others may find the lyrics over confident and narcissistic.

Lyrics such as “I’m the best at what I do and that’s a fact” may turn listeners away. The song “The Westener” is the basic story of Ronnie’s life with a few stabs at his old band. The song and lyrics can be found in the link http://bit.ly/1c9taQw .With lines such as “I know you’re jealous and you wish you could be me” and “the music died the day I walked away”.

The whole album is full of retorts to his old band. In “Tragic Magic” the lines “you’re such a dumb f–k, you need to shut up, you take a picture of me every time you get your hair cut” are aimed at Craig Mabbitt, his replacement in Escape The Fate. These lines are meant to show Ronnie’s belief that Craig stole his place and tried to mimic his style.

Songs such as “Pick Up The Phone” and “I’m Not a Vampire” are excellently crafted songs with catchy beats. Songs like these show the potential of the band.

Overall impression

Although at times it may seem as though listeners are listening to accounts from Ronnie’s diary, my overall impression is that this album is worth listening to. Excellent instrumental work and catchy tunes are enough to make up for the self-involved lyrics.

Fans of Ronnie Radke and Escape the Fate will enjoy the style, as Ronnie has not quite evolved his artistic expression. New listeners should definitely have a listen to this album if they want a genuine post-hardcore experience. For a man who has been in prison for over 5 years this is not a bad attempt. This album shows great potential for the band and listeners should keep their ears open for future albums. For reviews on other Falling In Reverse albums follow the link. http://bit.ly/1bSHgWa.

For more information about the album follow the link below:

Interview with Ronnie Radke: http://bit.ly/15Vq7vN


One thought on “Falling In Reverse debut album review

  1. I love this review. Its beautiful writing style and honest look at how the band works together to create the amazing music that they do. I could not have written a better review myself and will be asking everyone I know to read this amazingly put together review

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