Fall Out Boy: The Sweetest Betrayal

The ruthless, cunning, dirty but always ridiculously fun, Fall Out Boy (F.O.B), have done it again. The band that pranked the world and announced their break up in 2009, allowing us to cry, lock ourselves in our bedrooms with their last album, Infinity On High, on full blast whilst trying to reach every note of their immortal hit, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, have come back to Save Rock and Roll with their latest album.

The music’s changed but the fans have stayed, if they were never the best, F.O.B have definitely been the spiciest and most innovative rock band within the past decade. They’ve come back, proved their immortality and embraced their stardom through every egotistical lyric which is nothing short of divine, seductive and surreal in their new album, Save Rock and Roll. A bit more sincere, and mature but still so daringly edgy, F.O.B have kept their signature, outrages sound and added a bit of darkness mixed with a bit of party.

After the break in 09’ the band went their separate ways to explore themselves artistically. But God didn’t show and they continued to let the good times roll working with the likes of Elton John and Courtney Love (even if the songs were bad, it would be a crime for any rock fan not to listen to it first). It seems as if it was written to make history even before release and F.O.B is now bigger than ever. The album has a song for every mood that will make you want to jump out of your seat, memorize every lyric, and then add the album to your playlist and put it on repeat; for eternity. Really, it’s that good.

Their feature song, Save Rock and Roll, featuring musical god, Elton John, sets the bar with passionate piano coupled with Patrick Stump and Elton’s harmonies making sure that you are what you love not who loves you. But the album continues to surprise, delight, intrigue, and make you comfortable enough to scream all your sexual fantasies out loud. Rock and roll has definitely been saved, and reinvigorated with the best of deep, cinematic distortion, mixed with dance and light acoustic, and is put together with a dynamic that is second to none.

Combining rap, hip hop, punk, heavy metal, dance, together with the coolest riffs and Patrick’s most eclectic voice box, F.O.B have definitely created a genre of their own, a genre that appeals to musicians who are serious about their art as well as the tone deaf party animal, this genre just reeks of fun.

Known for their ridiculous music videos (at the time where Mtv actually played music videos), this album didn’t just stop at good music. In the past we’ve seen monkeys, talking dogs, Kim Kardashian and the occasional appearance of a Gym Class Hero in their videos. But this time around they’ve put on their knuckle dusters and adorned themselves in heavy leather, putting together a series of 11 videos on Vevo and making each video correlate to tell a story with great cinematography, this time with a darker, more edgy humour.

Fall Out Boy are touring Europe as of February next year.

Fall Out Boy are touring Europe as of February next year.


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