Eminem’s Recovery, a plea for redemption


By Kuhle Ngqezana

Perfect delivery, conscious lyrics, world class beats, well chosen collaborations and punch lines that echo in your head for what seems  to be forever, these are just a few of the things that make me say Eminem’s recovery album has only re-asserted his position as the best rapper in the world.  Eminem is a lyrical genius – you need to listen to his music over and over again to understand his angst and how it spills through in words and rhyme

Like many of Em’s works this album is mostly about his professional and personal life. Once again just like we saw in his Song “When I’m gone” Em is asking some serious questions of himself as a  man.  This album outlines Eminem’s journey through heavy drug use and depression. It comes as a symbol of Eminem’s victory against drugs, bad parenting, depression and many other things that effected his life negatively. What stands out for me is the fact that Em once again alludes to his family that being his daughter Hailey and his ex-wife Hailey’s mother by describing the nature of these relationships and what he aspires for these relationships to be. One thing that is definitively unique about Eminem is his level of honesty in his music, on two separate occasions in the Recovery album he criticizes his own two previous albums Encore and Relapse.  He also blatantly acknowledges the fact that Lil Wayne and Kanye West have become the leaders in hip hop recently this is the level of honesty I am talking about. In-fact it is beyond honesty it is like transparency one almost feels involved in Em’s thought process with regards to big serious questions of life relevant to him as a person.

In this Album he makes some great collaborations with likes of Lil Wayne, Pink, Rihanna and a few others. These collaborations have suited him very well in this album. The collaboration with Rihanna is particularly intersting because it is about the complexities of an abusive relationship and Rihanna was recently in an abusive reltionship the name of this song is love the way you lie.

I personally would and did spend money on this album. Whether you are an Eminem fan or not this album offers a lot to all music lovers i give it 10 out of 10

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