Disclosure confesses all in Settle

Disclosure is an electronic duo made up of two brothers, in their early 20’s, Guy and Howard Lawrence. The brothers grew up in Reigate, Surrey, England and have been stepping into the electronic music scene since 2010. They have recently released their debut album ‘Settle’ on the 3rd of June.

A few tracks on the album include, You and me featuring pop sensation Eliza Doolittle, White Noise featuring AlunaGeorge and Latch featuring Sam Smith. Their music is so insatiable that if one does not find themselves listening to their album on repeat it will be because there is a power outage, the I-pod is flat and all the batteries are dead. Therefore the only possible excuse would be a failure in technology or no excuse at all.

Disclosure is still reasonably new in terms of popularity and may not grace the top of the charts at number one in comparison to their more commercial competitor’s like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, but that is because they are not commercial. This is what makes them so much more interesting, appealing and underground.

With the movement from generations being more susceptible to commercial music to a new generation of individuals searching deeper for new acts and genres there is definitely a fan base and market for Disclosure’s music, I being one of those individuals. Their underground sound is something which is hard to access through local radio as it falls outside of the mainstream category. Disclosure’s music comprises of 2-step garage rhythms, dubstep basslines which are infused with the richness of soul, jazz and 90’s hip hop. Their album boasts pops of sharp sounds and eases with down-tempo whole beats http://prettymuchamazing.com/music/album-stream-disclosure-settle.

An ardent fan of Disclosure, Heather Leigh Arends and Journalism student regards the duo to be “beyond trippy and [freaken] cool”. Another fresh ear to their music, Alley Yell smiled in satisfaction of the sounds that Disclosure produced and referred to them as “chilled and lounge kind of vibes.” This however does not deter from the fact that they have singles that won’t only make you want to sing along but also close your eyes and force you to throw down some groovy and energetic dance moves. The song ‘When a fire starts to burn’ illustrates the magnitude of influence Disclosure’s music has on even the older generations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nsKDJlpUbA.

The duo has collaborated with well known artists like AlunaGeorge, a duo whose niche also comprises of electronic and an aspect of indie. Disclosure and AlunaGeorge collaborated on the song ‘White noise’ which is another track full of bouncy beats and energy which reached the highest ranked track for the young duo at no.2 on the UK Charts. AlunaGeorge’s music is available on http://www.alunageorge.com/. In addition the likes of Sam Smith who collaborated with the duo on their most popular track ‘Latch’, which is about relationships and locking onto the person who you love, has released his own EP and is slowly making waves in the electronic scene as a songwriter and singer https://www.facebook.com/samsmithworld.

Disclosure often performs on the stages at Pitchfork festival, a festival which celebrates and allows a platform for electronic artists to perform. The likes of James Blake and SBTRKT have also graced this stage and too are phenomenal artists.

Their music is one which can make you cry, smile, go crazy in dance or make you reflect. The only criticism I have is not towards Disclosure but towards the fact that not enough ears are blessed with their impeccable groovy, soulful and garage sound.



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