Chocolate, Sex and ‘75


What is four high-school friends (minus one and then plus another one) divided by four name changes, multiplied by four EP’s plus a debut album? 1975 of course.

Well, technically, it’s The 1975. That’s the name the Manchester-based quartet stuck with after 9 years of fumbling their way through gigs consisting entirely of pop and punk covers, losing their vocalist and then taking on a new drummer when the original one took up the mic instead. Four EP’s and a record deal later, The 1975’s eponymous debut album reached No. 1 on the UK Albums Chart only five days after its release.

With such singles as the charged-with-teen-angst Sex driven by a tangy electric guitar and the down-tempo synth-meets-punk Chocolate, the positive response is no wonder. “We wanted to make a record [that] was almost a soundtrack to our teenage years”, vocalist Matt Healy says of the album. If that’s the case, then its safe to conclude that Healy along with Adam Hann (guitar), George Daniel (drums) and Ross MacDonald (bass) saw their fair share of parties, drugs, alcohol and, well, sex during those seven years. Sure, there’s nothing original about an indie rock band crooning songs about their vices but the way Healy does it certainly is.

With lyrical gems like “she said use your hands and my spare time, we’ve got one thing in common – its this tongue of mine” its not difficult to become slightly enamored with Healy’s wistful accounts of drunken weddings in Menswear and wondering when casual sex stopped being casual in Girls. Such a seemingly innocent voice might be to blame for fooling you into thinking Chocolate is really about the candy.

In terms of the sound, I wouldn’t blame you for becoming a little bored a few tracks in.  The indie-synth-rock mashup is great at first but after several unrelenting basslines, one begins to lose track of where one song ends and another begins. Interesting touches are the instrumental pops of flavor in the opening track (also, The 1975), An Encounter and 12 which seem to suggest a little more creative backing than your typical chart-topping alternative group.


In any case, The 1975 can only build on the solid base they’ve established for themselves in terms of both their fans and their sound.

I just hope they can keep the name


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