Anything but a Layabout

By Loretha Kalo Reel, Deep and Soulful
















A layabout is known as a person who habitually “does little or no work”. In this case The Layabouts are anything but that. The duo of Leigh Darlow and Alex Paschali has been at it since 2001. They have reached a whole new level of demand. Lovers of deep soulful house would know all about this.

Darlow specialises in mastering the rhythm as Paschali does what he does best on the guitar. The start of The Layabouts began in their home city of London. The mutual love for expressing house music is what has elevated their career. This caught the attention of Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez, DJ Spinna, Da Lata and Robert Owens just to name a few. They have been managed by Oli Lazarus for the past four years, he is the owner of Papa Records and Reel People Music. (

Anything that needs to be known about them is under Future Retro. This sound can be associated with a deep, resonating 4-4 kick, vintage, New Jersey-style flow. The emphatic classic-contemporary combination that involves the other members of Reel People who share the same passion for this genre of music, mostly known for As Long As You Believe and Do Better. The ‘future retro’ vision is to create an old-school groove.

Oli Lazarus had also founded Papa Records back in 2001. After this success he launched Reel People in the soulful underground stage. Reel People are all about warm soul-infused house music. Their fresh sounds range from hip-hop, sultry rim-soul to funked-up jazzy house. In 2011 their album Reel People Present Golden Lady was said to be a “spine-tingling” mix. They have worked with Louie Vega and Soul Candi Records under Pioneers Of House which has brought their music to the attention of South African house lovers. They have captured their gaze ever since.

They have constantly been on tour promoting their music. In October 2012 they came back to South Africa to liven up the stage at the Spring Fiesta. The crowd was blown away yet again by their original soulful sound. The love of their fans grows even more as the engage with their fans. Their infusion of music is definitely something that takes the listeners on a journey. They can get even the biggest critic to start moving their feet to the beat.     

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