An unidentified genre

By Nandi Jakuja

Marcel Everett who goes by the name XXYYXX is only 17. He is the kid next door that successfully blurs the foggy lines between electronic, trap hip hop, future garage, experimental, lo-fi, chillwave, post-dubstep, ambient, minimal and many other genres. He will have you asking yourself, “What am I listening to?”


Unfortunately he doesn’t have the answer either, he doesn’t like to be classified but in his words, his music is closest to “experimental bass”.

Unlike other children who were still watching Cartoon Network and playing outside, Everett was playing with electronic software at the tender age of 13. He started producing at 15. At 16, he was slacking in school, spending too much time playing Halo and “not knowing what I wanted to do with my life”. He found solace in producing his own music material.

His 2012 self-titled début album consists of looped and chopped female vocal samples such as the 90s RnB group, TLC on the song Good Enough. Although the album has a simple approach to it, it creates a sort of soft eeriness and daze but there is still an element of drama at the same time. The album is only available digitally; you can either get it from iTunes or from his website where he only asks for merely $1 for the entire album.

He worked with his 21 year old visual artist friend, Jeff Vash on the About You video which shows a couple of pretty looking girls exhaling smoke in slow motion and suddenly their heads being covered by wolf masks when the beat kicks in. When asked if the video is a good encapsulation of the images he tries to evoke with his music, he answered by saying  “haha well I thought the video went incredibly well with the tune, especially with all the timed editing, it was similar to the song I think he did a great job in that department”.

XXYYXX doing his thing

I’ve been listening to XXYYXX/Marcel Everett for quite some time now and I am still trying to figure out what makes him so amazing. Maybe it’s because he is so talented and makes such professional music for a producer his age or it could be the unidentified genre that his music lies between.

Take a listen to his soundcloud although he doesn’t update it as often, it is still worth the listen.


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