A new generation of artist – Landon Austin

2007,  he decides on an impulse to upload his cover of the song ‘Chocolate Rain’ by Tay Zonday under the pseudonym ‘TayZondayFan’, little did he know that this chance moment of boredom would later result in a thriving music career and growing Youtube and Twitter fanbase.


Landon Austin is a singer/songwriter from Dallas, Texas whose career grew from the attention he got for his Youtube song covers. Although Austin posted his first cover in 2007 just before he went to college, his career in the music industry only became a serious venture after he received positive feedback on his cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Sparks Fly’ on Twitter by the artist herself. The moment Austin’s career took off was when he retired the pseudonym and started posting music from a channel by his name, a channel that as of today has 152,756 subscribers.

Landon Austin’s Youtube channel allows his fans as well as new viewers to not only see how talented he is musically, but his vlogs provide a very special personal insight into his life and who he is, creating a relationship between him and those who follow his career. He regularly tweets and replies to his loyal twitter following of 35,795  fans providing this open connection that anyone can be part of.  Fans don’t feel distant but rather that they are part of his journey.

Landon Austin started posting his original songs on Youtube in 2012 and announced in October 2012 the future release of his first album, releasing a new single each month. The album will include some of his most viewed original songs such Once in a Lifetime and Ready for Anything. The CD’s first single Stop Time is described by the artist as a ‘fun, dancey, quirky song and has been described by many Youtube commentators as ‘amazing’ Although he tours nationwide, Austin has been able to keep a stable job as an independent singer/songwriter and Youtuber – loving his job and still earning money as an artist through sales of music and merchandise. Over the last two years that Austin has been posting YouTube videos, he has created many more original songs available for sale on Amazon and Itunes.

Words can do no justice to show how much Landon Austin has grown as a musician through his Youtube experience, providing the support to create his first album Where we used to run and make it a success as well as making his music available to fans worldwide and constantly gaining new fans  – regularly creating new touring opportunities.

Landon Austin’s Original Song Stop Time


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