21: Thanks for the heartbreak

“It is the album that has taken a kid from a council estate to being the world’s best-selling singer for two years on the spin.”Adele’s album name 21 was the second studio album by English recording artist Adele. It was released on the 24th January 2011 in most of Europe, and on the 22th February 2011 it was released in North America. The name 21 derived from the singer’s age. This to me symbolises how the artist was growing with her music. This album consisted of many hits, such as Rolling In The Deep, Rumour Has It, Turning Tables, Set Fire To The Rain, One And Only, Someone Like You and many more.


The album included two bonus songs I Found a Boy and Love Song. The album also includes acoustic versions of three songs. This full loaded album was a great success, because it won quite the number of awards: Grammy Award for Album of the Year, Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album, Juno Award for International Album of the Year, Billboard Music Award for Top Billboard 200 Album, Billboard Music Award for Top Pop Album and More.“And now Adele’s 21 has helped British acts secure a record 13.3 percent share of global album sales after being named the biggest”


The album is merely just a bunch of sad songs about a man who broke a woman’s heart. What I like about it, is that it’s real in the sense that the songs are written with real emotions from real experiences. Her music has help many people around the world deal with their heart aches and move on, like the single hit Someone Like You. All the songs are heart filled and it is so hard to come out with a favourite song. Adele has done a tremendous job and hope she continues to write and produce good music. I guess it’s safe to say that thank goodness Adele’s heart got broken, because magnificent things came out of that. We the audience got good music and she got richer. It was a win win for everyone. I hope it doesn’t mean that she will always have to get heartbroken to produce good music.








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